E_Food and Dining

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Goal: practice English vocabulary using ICT 
English: to be able to
describe food
discuss about food
study expressions
obtain vocabulary
? be able to cook a recipe
exchange cultural elements
improve oral skills
practise communication
? look up a recipe on the internet
? download a recipe

ICT: be able to

– look up a recipe on the internet
download a recipe
browse using Mozilla Firefox or Google crome
– follow online instructions trusting themselves
– use  google drive as a repository and collaboration area
– use a collaborative document file
– use the google forum as a tool of communication and data exchange
–  do interactive exercises
– fill in an online questionnaire


Each team is given a link to click on. Let’s get started…..!

B_S(Sp)     G_S (Tr)     S_P_E(Gr)     S_V(Fn)